GoDaddy SSL's worth it or not? Problems?



Don't use GoDaddy if you value your domain name. That's my opinion based on experience with 200+ domains at GoDaddy. I am glad I've moved away and am with at the moment. I actually have control over my domains.


Gene Steinberg

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GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar on the planet. What happened to your domains? Details please.

FYI: Namecheap offers a great deal the first year, with free WHOIS privacy, but you have to pay an extra fee for second and subsequent years. For free WHOIS privacy without extra cost, consider or I've used them both.


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I'm using it. So far so good. Was only $6. You can get free SSL's through this one host tho I forget their name... I think its ?

Gene Steinberg

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It's actually a ridiculous question. An SSL from any of the major providers should work.

As to GoDaddy, to the person who had over 200 names with them, what sort of control didn't you have?


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Is anyone using a SSL on their Xenforo site? I've thought about doing this, considering the growing concerns about security and privacy on the web, but also wondering if the down sides might make it now worthwhile.


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I've been using godaddy for my ssl certificate for a few years now. I just never let it renew, and buy a new one each year for a few £ on offer.


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What are the benefits of running on pure SSL besides security? Don't some browsers give SSL warnings or something if you don't install something right.


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Sounds like a big reason NOT to use SSL. People always post links to things.
With SSL, all data exchanged between your browser and your server is encrypted with a digital security certificate making it much harder for anyone with malicious intentions to spy on you or hijack your account.