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A bit of advice.

Respect the navigation and it'll respect you back. You've only gone and disrespected the navigation, responsive and they won't take this kindly so you can only expect trouble from them both in the foreseeable future. Always remember, as seen in the movie Spiderman when Peter Parker's grandfather gave him some advice - "With great power comes great responsibility". You can learn a lot from this in your approach to both handling #navigation and responsive. #didireallysubmitthispost? #navigation #respectresponsive #withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsive #xenforonotices

To answer your question again. No. :LOL:


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Responsive smonsive.... I just wanna go fast. :p

Okay... you can shoot me now.
The way I look at it. If it displays okay on my nexus 7 both in landscape and portrait it's classed as working responsive. Breaks on iPads, iPhone? Yup, responsive is as designed #shelleysversionofresponsive :sneaky::D