Global Topics / Announcements


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You mean like the old vb announcements system? In XenForo there is Notices, and it works pretty well as a replacement for that.


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No, I mean like phpbb's "Global Topic" option. This makes it so that a topic can be displayed on all forum lists. Sort of like an uber sticky.
Not really looking to post a notice, sort of wanted to keep it in the forum list :/


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I actually searched the forums for a solution would be nice to have this.. Not everyone visits all the forums, i have users that visit a specific forum only so having a global sticky would be nice to get their attention. (The sticky is a long term unlike notices). like for rules or a contest or something.


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Precisely ;) I would love to see something like this implemented, or even something like VB or IPB's global announcement thing would be nice :)


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I appreciate that.

A global topic still needs to be clicked on to be able to read and respond though.
You can do that with a notice - just link to the actual thread.

In the absence of a global topic feature, it's better than nothing.