Global setting to "Override user style choice"

I can see how you can "Override user style choice" on a node-by-node basis, but it seems odd to have to do that for each individual node. Is there some kind of global setting for the whole forum where I can override user style choice?

Basically I'd like to have a couple of themes, but I want to force the system to show the same style to all users and to remove their ability to change styles. Possible?


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You can achieve that just by disabling/enabling styles.

Just have 1 style enabled at any one time and that will force it on all users.
Thanks Brogan. The only options I see on the Styles section is to Set the Default, adjust Templates, adjust Style Properties, Export, and Delete. Where is the Disable option?
Hmmm... I discovered that it doesn't work regarding the default style. It looks like the default must always be an option. Here's the error message:

"It is not possible to prevent users from selecting the default style." Unless I change the default style to my custom style, right?


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Well by definition you can't disable the "default" style.

You would need to first to set your custom style as the "default" and then disable the others, including the style which is present out of the box.