Lack of interest Give users the option when to auto-embed Media in their posts

I really like the built-in Auto-Embed function of Xenforo and it works great the majority of the time. However there are some cases where it would be great if a user can prevent a media file from being auto embedded in a post. Some examples I have come across in my forum:

1) People want to post Youtube videos that jump to a specific time in the video. The following URL should jump to 1 minute 30 seconds, but Xenforo ignores the time stamp and it starts from the beginning.

Users would rather have the URL link that jumps to the right time than the embedded video.

2) Some users want to post a lot of videos in their thread and embedding causes it to load up very slowly. They would prefer to post all the videos as links rather than embedding.

3) Occasionally some users want to post the link rather than embed the video. Really a personal preference.

Ideally, there could be a checkbox at the end of the post that states "Auto Embed Media". Default could be checked but the user would have the option of unchecking it so that any media links are not embedded.

Thank You
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