Give Thread Author Control of Subsequent Posts?


I want to use forum software as a collective story-telling framework. A thread author starts the story and then other members can continue the story in a series of posts that each build on the one preceding. Somewhat like the forums games that limit the post length to just a few words, but with several paragraphs.

I don't want to moderate what happens next, but rather give that control to the thread originator. For this to work, the forum software would need to:

1 Automatically assign control of the particular thread to the original author.
2 Allow the author of the thread to edit each post in their thread so they can fix derails and then lock the individual offending post(s).
3 Allow the author to ban other forum members from just that particular thread.
4 Allow the author and other thread participants to give karma/rewards to thread participants. (Alternatively, allow any forum member to do the same.)
5 Allow the author to limit the number of characters (words) in each subsequent post to a number of their choosing. (Alternatively, let me set a global limit that applies to all threads.)
6 Allow the author to set up a separate post/blog/page where they can post the entire story as it stands at any given moment. (It would be great if the software could take the original post and all subsequent posts and all the author's edits to each post over time and assemble the complete edited narrative automatically, but I know that's a hard one.)

Add: 7 Apply all of the above to only certain areas of the forums.

What part of this can Xenforo do or not do?

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Hi Brogan -

I added a number in the original post to identify each desired feature (1 - 6). Could you (or anyone else) hazard a guess at the number of custom development hours that would be required to implement each feature in Xenforo, in a way that the program could be updated as new security patches/versions become available? I can be flexible on the specifics if anything presents a particularly difficult challenge and there's a workaround that achieves the same result.

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After thinking about this some more, rather than doing any custom development - Will the Admin panel let me create a Forum for an individual author and assign them Administrator controls over just that forum? (I did create a demo site but it doesn't give access to an admin panel that I could find.)


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You can make them a moderator of that forum and give them controls over it but some of what you're requesting would still need custom development (eg, forum specific word limits) or alternate approaches (there are no built-in forum bans, but moderators can ban individuals from specific threads).

(I did create a demo site but it doesn't give access to an admin panel that I could find.)
When you login with the administrative account (details given on the main forum list page of your demo), you'll see an "admin" link in the upper right.