XF 2.2 Giphy Issues - After selecting gif, eternal spinning


Hello -

I've had an issue since install where I can search and select a gif successfully, but when doing so, the little spinner just keeps spinning. If I click out of the giphy window, or hit the x to close, the gif is still inserted - but not an ideal experience. This occurs on web and mobile.

I am hoping someone can take a look and point me in the right direction. Thanks much!

Here is a video of what I am experiencing:

View attachment Giphy Spin.mp4

Here is what I'm seeing logged in the console:

Are you using any add-ons, in particular any image 'mirror' add-ons?
I am, however the only one that I installed directly after install was s9e/MediaSites. I've disabled them all, then tried each one separately and am still experiencing the issue. All are latest versions. I should have mentioned that.

The others are:
cXF Enhanced New Threads Widget
cXF Enhanced Search Forum Widget
cXF Widget Homepage
Change Post Date

Again, I had this issue way before I installed the ones above, so I think something else is going on - but I'll defer to the experts!
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