1. T

    XF 2.2 Giphy Issues - After selecting gif, eternal spinning

    Hello - I've had an issue since install where I can search and select a gif successfully, but when doing so, the little spinner just keeps spinning. If I click out of the giphy window, or hit the x to close, the gif is still inserted - but not an ideal experience. This occurs on web and mobile...
  2. joelyuk

    Duplicate Editor - JavaScript Error on Smileys/Media/GIPHY

    Hey, We've noticed that we are getting a JavaScript error whenever a smiley/media/giphy is inserted into the post after selecting one, resulting in the picker never closing. I've replicated this across several environments, themes, and also on demo forums created fresh on too...
  3. Pawn Studios

    Lack of interest Add ability to customize 'Powered by Giphy' attribution mark per style

    Currently the attribution mark is coded in the template editor_insert_gif as {{ base_url('styles/default/xenforo/giphy.png') }}. Is there a way to have things like these be searched for in the selected style directory first then default to XF's original if nothings found? I edited my template...
  4. Aspen.,- CO

    Aspen.,- CO

  5. R

    Implemented Insert GIF button that shows search results for Giphy

    Have a "GIF" button that works just like the Smiley button - pops up with a search box, and displays thumbnails of GIFs from Giphy you can click on to insert.
  6. mcatze

    German translation for [TH] Giphy 1.0.3 PL1

    This is the german translation Deutsch (Du) for the [TH] Giphy add-on by @ThemeHouse Feel free to report issues or suggestions.