Getting the average score from a poll and displaying in thread list


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Before I blow the dust off my collection of PHP books and order in some supplies of coffee, can those who have done some programs/add-ons with XenForo let me know if this idea is going to be feasible and easy to do.

What I want to do in a particular forum's list of threads - a review forum where each thread is a poll where people score the item 1-5 - is to display the average score of each of the polls after the thread's title.

So, I'd need to run some queries that check to see what the total score is, divide it by the number of votes, and turn this into a 5 star graphic.

This is already an in-built feature of IPB and vB although they have a separate thread rating for that rather than take it from a poll. Also vB does have the option to sort threads by rating which is actually very handy for a forum of product reviews!

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome, thanks :)