XF 1.5 getting data from iMIS REST api

Tom McIntyre

Active member
Our organization has the iMIS membership system, which has support for fetching the results of local queries on the iMIS system using REST.

I have been manually updating our member data on vBulletin and now XenForo for our message board users who are also members of the parent organization. The current release of iMIS allows me to fetch the reports programmatically. I have user categories that are updated (as usergroups) and some collateral demographic information that needs to be coordinated.

Does anyone have an application running as an addon or cron job in XenForo that does something like this? If so, I would really like to see it. I noticed one prior post about using the eBay REST api to populate a feed on XenForo but it was not exactly what I was looking for. I would populate a custom table or directly update the user table in my usage.

I don't know that anyone here uses iMIS, but that is not really a necessary element. I have their API information, I really need to know how to integrate the calls into XenForo.