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Hey Everyone,
I was just wondering if there are any tips anyone could give me regarding SEO. I know Xenforo has good tools built in for SEO, but is there anything else I can be doing to generate better SEO results for search engines to find my site better?

My site is

Thanks everyone!

Steve F

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Step 1 - More Content

Basically that is your best SEO, content. Make use of the sitemap by setting that up in the ACP.

Anthony Parsons

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Your site screams problems all over it as a new startup. SEO is a defunct term... as software nowadays is pretty much search engine ready to go. People keep getting the basics wrong.

I wouldn't signup on your site, put it that way. Every page is littered with ads, zero real content.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.42.19 pm.png

Why not use a single ad on a page, nothing more, until you get people having quality discussion? You aren't going to make any money without members, and you aren't going to get members with a no content site that looks spammy as all hell.

The design sucks... screams trying to hard.

Your entire sites purpose is about saving money, yet I haven't read one constructive piece of content on the site that actually tells me something worth my time that will save me money.

The site screams spammy scam all over it, regardless your intent, it oozes worthlessness for its subject and niche.

You have a premium member area with no real members.

Now... remember I said SEO is dead, right? Because all the above points, and I'm really not putting in any effort here, are all relevant to your sites ability to rank well in Google. Google themselves don't show content full of ads with little to no content. They publicly state this, and your site meets that criterion. Hence, get rid of the ads and get some real content and discussion going first.

Write some real money saving articles, unique, original, things that are your experience. The forum should then be a support to those articles which allow people to discuss your ideas, add their own, ask questions and such.

What experience do you have that makes what you say of any benefit in saving money for people? I've read lots of mum style blogs that are super huge in this area, all based on their experience of being thrifty due to trying to get what they need for their family and kids, without breaking the budget. Those blogs you're competing against are good, real solid information, hands on experience.

Nothing about your site appeases a single sense of mine to signup and that I'm going to get some type of awesome money saving advice. Nothing. It screams scam, spam, rubbish information that exists to try and make money from ads. People aren't stupid... they would rather use a plain vanilla looking site that has excellent, cited content, than something that looks like the person behind it is all about $$$ and making money for themselves versus saving money, being the point of your site.

What users think, how they talk about your site, where they talk about your site, are all ranking factors and have nothing to do with old school SEO terminology. https, mobile viewing ability, how many ads a page has, who's talking about your site in social networks, and the list goes on... all important factors of your sites ability to rank.
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