Fixed getThreadFromUrl essentially ignores $type argument when friendly urls is off


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Calling getThreadFromUrl from an admin app context with a non-friendly public thread URL will fail.

This is because getThreadFromUrl($url, $type) calls getRoutePathFromUrl($url) which calls getExtendedUrl($url). However getExtendedUrl work with the current request object to determine the base URL, not the actual $type argument.

public function getThreadFromUrl($url, $type = null, &$error = null)
   $routePath = $this->app()->request()->getRoutePathFromUrl($url);
public function getRoutePathFromUrl($url)
   $url = $this->convertToAbsoluteUri($url);
   $url = str_replace($this->getHostUrl(), '', $url);

   $routePath = ltrim($this->getExtendedUrl($url), '/');
public function getExtendedUrl($requestUri = null)
   $baseUrl = $this->getBaseUrl();
public function getBaseUrl()
   $baseUrl = $this->getServer('SCRIPT_NAME', '');
   $basePath = dirname($baseUrl);

   if (strlen($basePath) <= 1)
      // Looks to be at the root, so trust that.
      return $baseUrl;

   $requestUri = $this->getRequestUri();

In the admin context, getBaseUrl returns /admin.php, which causes /index.php?threads/1/ to not be resolved to the expected ?threads/1/ fir the rest of the getThreadFromUrl code.
Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XF release (2.2.8).

Change log:
Optionally normalize a URL passed into `getRoutePathFromUrl` to exclude the script part of the URL if it is passed in.
There may be a delay before changes are rolled out to the XenForo Community.
Full of confidence on a Monday morning: I think that should workaround it 🤔

diff --git a/src/XF/Http/Request.php b/src/XF/Http/Request.php
index d85982c3cb..bbbaabb623 100644
--- a/src/XF/Http/Request.php
+++ b/src/XF/Http/Request.php
@@ -1539,11 +1539,16 @@ public function getRoutePathFromExtended($extended)
         return $this->getRoutePathInternal($routePath);
-    public function getRoutePathFromUrl($url)
+    public function getRoutePathFromUrl($url, bool $stripScript = false)
         $url = $this->convertToAbsoluteUri($url);
         $url = str_replace($this->getHostUrl(), '', $url);
+        if ($stripScript)
+        {
+            $url = preg_replace('#^/.*[a-z0-9-_]+\.php\?#i', '?', $url);
+        }
         $routePath = ltrim($this->getExtendedUrl($url), '/');
         return $this->getRoutePathInternal($routePath);
diff --git a/src/XF/Repository/Thread.php b/src/XF/Repository/Thread.php
index bcc5013590..ebc991d558 100644
--- a/src/XF/Repository/Thread.php
+++ b/src/XF/Repository/Thread.php
@@ -370,7 +370,7 @@ public function sendModeratorActionAlert(\XF\Entity\Thread $thread, $action, $re
     public function getThreadFromUrl($url, $type = null, &$error = null)
-        $routePath = $this->app()->request()->getRoutePathFromUrl($url);
+        $routePath = $this->app()->request()->getRoutePathFromUrl($url, true);
         $routeMatch = $this->app()->router($type)->routeToController($routePath);
         $params = $routeMatch->getParameterBag();

By the time we get to the if ($stripScript) path we should have normalized the URL portion to e.g.


The stripScript path then pretty much does what getExtendedUrl intends to do but left it in. It may still be needed if $striipScript is left at false.
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