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I would like to add a widget that will be used to show a block while in thread_view. I have selected the Thread view: Sidebar.

In my PHP code I'm trying to get the thread_id from the URL. It would be nice to be able to use something like this, but this doesn't work.


namespace Andy\SimilarThreads\Widget;

use \XF\Widget\AbstractWidget;

class SimilarThreads extends AbstractWidget
    public function render()
        $threadId = \XF::app()->filter('thread_id', 'uint');

Is there any PHP code that can get the thread_id from the URL?

Thank you.

Chris D

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In PHP itself:
if (!isset($this->contextParams['thread']))
    // widget position doesn't appear to have thread context so do not display the widget
    return '';

$thread = $this->contextParams['thread'];
$threadId = $thread->thread_id;
As it turns out you might not need the thread ID as we actually make the entire thread entity available via the context params.

In the widget template:
Thread ID is: {$context.thread.thread_id}
(And, again, it's the entire thread entity that's available).