XF 1.5 Get the members who receive admin mails


is it possible to get a list or just the names of the members who receive (or not) admin mails (like the newsletter)?

In "privacy" there is an option "receive site mailings", so I decided to call it newsletter. And I just want to know how many of my users would receive it, like they checked the button or did not.

So it should just something for me, because it interests me and so it don't need to be very graphical. So just a list is enough.


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Go to "email users" in the control panel. You can specify specific criteria. By default, it will only include people that have that option selected by default. There's an option to generate a list of users (names and emails) that match the criteria.


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2nd part of my question seem to be a translating issue - in English it's more specific "emails sent by the administrator". In my German translation they called it "Newsletter".

Was this setting imported from my vB 3.x users, @ChrisD ?