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How about just scrolling down and loading the page just in time?
Search engine bot have to be handled in a way that they will can read the entire thread, or single posts (so search results will jump to the relative post... but open the entire thread).

For long thread's they can be still usefull or maybe we can think another solution.
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I second that. Very much needed.

Also for private messages. New messages should be loaded automatically just like in a chat.
This is the one part of the modern web that I can't understand - I would much rather have traditional pagination (though AJAX loads and javascript powered pagination links beat standard links) or even just load everything on one page.

Otherwise you have to be extra-careful not to open a link in the current tab, or you risk losing your place on the page/waiting ages for it to scroll back to where you were (as per facebook).
Posts from next page should appear once you browse down the page. Of course there is still pagination so you are redirected to the third page if you click on "3". This is a very good compromise I guess.
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