Lack of interest Get rid of outdated prefixes (or use an autoprefixer)


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Right now XenForo adds many prefixes that are not required by modern browsers. Including prefixes for:
  • border-radius
  • box-shadow
  • box-sizing
According to statistics we don't need any of these prefixes anymore. I suggest removing them, making css file lighter.

Otherwise, there is an excellent alternative called Autoprefixer. Yes, it's written in coffeescript and it's a plugin for PostCSS (which is in JS), but there's a PHP version of that plugin, which may improve prefixing process a lot. You can even set your browser support table!

Chris D

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Indeed that is true.

But my point was mostly that we support IE8 so really we make a best effort to support other browsers up to the same age, though admittedly these are less of a specific target seeing as these are generally more likely to be kept up to date.

It's a fair suggestion, by the way, just wanted to point that out.


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I get your point, but I suppose IE8 is supported because it's usage is still more than 1%. In case of other browsers that require prefixes their usage is far less than 1%, and in some cases even less than one tenth of a percent. In most cases it's Firefox 3.6, Chrome <10 and Safari <5.1. These browsers even combined don't have 1% of usage so removing prefixes for them won't cause any problems for 99% users. Others would have to upgrade of course.


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I think it would make sense to drop the prefixes at the same time for browsers of the same age. The size difference we are talking about is negligible.