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Does a way exist, to get the current called route class?

I've tried get_class($dependencies->getRouter())

but it's not showing the route class, it's just the router "XenForo_Router"

$dependencies->getRouter()->match(new Zend_Controller_Request_Http());

also returns only the result and not the route class ( e.g. XenForo_Route_Prefix_Forums )

Or is the only way to get the route class from the db with help of the current prefix?
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No idea if there's a better way, that's my current solution:
$fc = XenForo_Application::getFc();
  $path = $dependencies->getRouter()->getRoutePath($fc->getRequest());
  list($pathClean) = explode('/', $path);
  $class = XenForo_Link::getPrefixHandlerClassName('public', $pathClean);
  $params['route_class'] = $class;

But i assume it won't work for route filters:/
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