XF 1.1 Generating XML language file for a specific version

Hi there people!

When I generated the language file for translation it generated phrases for all versions. Is it possible to generate the file for this specific version?

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Bittar.

Jake Bunce

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All phrases are relevant to all versions of XF. The version_string field just tells you when the phrase was created. You still need to translate all phrases.

The version_string can be useful for updating your language pack later on. You can look for new phrases since the previous version and translate only those new phrases when updating your language pack.
Hi there! Well, my mistake. It has only one phrase independently of the version. However it seems that when I generate the XML language file I'm getting several repeated lines. This is why I thought I had repeated phrases. What is the correct way of generating this file so it doesn't repeat the lines?

Thanks again,
Daniel Bittar.

Jake Bunce

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Can you give an example of the repeated lines?

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Languages -> Export

When downloading a language you can specify untranslated phrases. Then you can edit the XML file directly to enter translations. When you are done translating you can import the XML file:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Import a Language
Man, I'm sorry. Really sorry. I must have mixed them myself. Re-Exporting did't generate anything repeated. Just to add, I have to chose (ALL) and Untranslated phrases, right?

Thanks a lot!