Duplicate Generated API keys

I would really love for Xenforo to make their framework documentation easily understandable and published officially and to integrate an API key generator in the admin cp for developers to use when developing another software, let say their custom homepage.

The idea came from this thread http://xenforo.com/community/threads/question-about-converting-from-vb-to-xenforo.59193/ and i would love to see something like this, if i am going to switch to Xenforo.

It makes things easier for a lot of developers who aren't familiar with a forum software and are just independent web developers who don't need a lot of time to get familiar with a forum software, and definitely a step forward in the development in 2013/2014. I've never seen this approach on vb, so it is a +1 for xenforo if they made it.

Definitely will bring a lot more participation from general web developers as well.
Yes :0) but it needs to be part of Xenforo as an official API not made by members. That would be something great for Xenforo to do, it would certainly make things easier not only for my site but for other customers as well.