generate x amount of input fields, put data into array?


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(sorry for the title, didn't know what else to call it)

How would I make an option in my admin options area for my add on which acts sort of how the identity services do, where I enter the number of inputs I want it to generate, and it will generate them, put the data from them all into an array which I can then loop through in the template with <xen:foreach> ...?

Is it possible to do such a thing? I need to do it so that I can have a number of inputs generated for the user, so that they can put data in there, where it is looped through in the template..

I'm creating a "Site Friends" Sidebar block add on. The template hook, and all functionality is there, it all works, but I want a more efficient way of offering the user more than a few inputs.

Right now the admin goes to the options page, fills in "Link 1 URL", "Link 1 Title" - it's limited to the amount of "Link *" inputs I add as the developer, I wanted it to be more elegant than that, I'm hoping XenForo can do what I need..