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Generate dismiss-able Notice if user using default avatar + more than 5 posts ?

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
I would like to generate a friendly reminder to our returning forum members whom have not uploaded an avatar. We did change the default avatar (which we are glad we did) but I am getting sick of looking at it.

Is it possible to: Generate dismiss-able Notice if user using our default avatar + has more than 5 posts ?



List of Notices > create new one > tab: user criteria > user has no avatar.

If a user signs up and gets the default avatar, it means he has no avatar.
Check that box, and go back up a bit and set [user has posted at least x times] and set it to 5.

I would test that first, and see if it shows up to usergroups you don't want it to show up to, such as guests, then just click [x] show only to logged in users, or even just a specific usergroup.