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Duplicate Generalise the thread status CSS and have in its own .css template or in xenforo_public.css

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member

This is all I'm talking about.

For add-ons I find myself continually copy and pasting this CSS. It's actually very useful outside of threads. I use it in a number of add-ons. A version of it is even copy and pasted for the Resource Manager.

It could either be in its own .CSS template, e.g. item_alerts.css so we can call it when needed or in the public CSS so it is everywhere:

    border: 1px solid {xen:property primaryLighterStill};
    border-radius: 5px;
    font-size: 11px;
    margin: 10px 0;
    padding: 5px;
    line-height: 16px;
    background-image: url('{xen:property imagePath}/xenforo/gradients/form-button-white-25px.png');

.itemAlerts dt
    color: {xen:property primaryLight};
    display: inline;

.itemAlerts dd
    color: {xen:property primaryDark};
    font-weight: bold;
    display: inline;

.itemAlerts .icon
    float: right;
    width: 16px;
    height: 16px;
    margin-left: 5px;
    background: url('{xen:property imagePath}/xenforo/xenforo-ui-sprite.png') no-repeat -1000px -1000px;

.itemAlerts .deletedAlert .icon { background-position: -64px -32px; }
.itemAlerts .moderatedAlert .icon { background-position: -32px -16px; }
.itemAlerts .lockedAlert .icon { background-position: -16px -16px; }