Gender Message Indicators [Deleted]


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John L.

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The instructions on the first post have a different replacement. I tried the one you gave me now, but causes the same problem but not with all of my threads. I don't understand how this could be. I'm having it now online, check this thread for example, there's nothing there:Ταξιδιωτική-Έρευνα-travelstories-2013-Αποτελέσματα.45361/

As soon as I remove your template modification, it returns to normal!
The only difference in the replace is that I didn't copy the entire line. It's not needed for the TMS edit because it finds the string and replaces it. With the replace in my OP, it is there for users so they better understand where the template conditional goes in relation to the HTML.

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do for you. I cannot replicate your issue and no one else has come across this AFAIK. If you want you can make a local test installation and try it on that to see if it's perhaps some conflict with another addon you're using? Or turn off your forums for a second and disable all other addons to see if the issue remains.


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That's ok thank you for your offer to help, I will troubleshoot it by disabling all add-ons in the weekend and see what happens. Will let you know if i find a conflict. :)
The gender icon is hidden when i use a userbanned wrapped. How can i place the icon next to the username? Please check the picture. Left is how its shows now. Right is what i want.

I used my brains for one time :p

the answer is:
.female .messageUserBlock a.username{background: url(styles/novus/female-icon.png) 97% center no-repeat;}

.male .messageUserBlock a.username{background: url(styles/novus/male-icon.png) 97% center no-repeat;}