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Add-on Gender Forums


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I coded this for an user at my forum who had a little male/female problems with his users.

Anyway, this mod will allow the admin to make a certain forum/forums accessible based on users genders. i.e. male/female only forums. Needless to say that male userss will not get access to female forums and vice versa :D

The forums can be made gender only accessible on a forum per forum basis at your Acp->Applications->Node Tree and choose the forum that you want to make it gender accessible. And all the way to the bottom of the forum you will see a new option: Gender: Enter male or female depending on what gender you want to make that particular forum accessible.

If a user has not specified his or her gender, they he or she will get an error message when trying to access the gender forums informing them that that particular forum/s is gender accessed and they need to specify their genders in their profiles. They will also not be permitted to change their gender so they can't sneak in the wrong forum :D Admins will be exluded from this.

To have a better idea as to how this mod looks like when being used, please have a look at the attached screenshots.

Price: 10 dollars. (For the subsribers free)

Compatibility: It works with the latest versions of xenforo.

Payment: Only through paypal and it is non refundable. After I confirm the payment I will email you the mod file.

If you are interested in purchasing this mod then please contact me in private either here or at the xenforo forum.

Thank you for reading this thread :)



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Can we edit a gender after we have added once?(can't say ive tryed :p) just thinking that people will be able to "hot swap" between them to get in etc....


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This is awesome, and almost what I'm looking for.

However, we need to be able to allow gender only at registration (or editable only by an admin)...


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Sorry for the late reply guys but I do not check very often my mod threads here as I support them at my forum.


member should not be allowed to change gender.
only admin should be allowed to do so (if neccessary).

I'm wondering if you can implement a gender locked feature into this? Once a member upon registration has selected their gender they are unable to change this, their gender.
This is awesome, and almost what I'm looking for.

However, we need to be able to allow gender only at registration (or editable only by an admin)...
That is already included at my mod. I added that after I coded the mod at the request of the user who originally requested it but forgot to update the OP here. Will do so in a minute.

Can this be customized to work for nationalities?
This is something entirely different and beyond the scope of my mod. It would be best as an separate mod.


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Thanks for the update! I'll be sure to purchase this ASAP once confirmed working on 1.0.2!
Yes, it works with the current version. I sent you a detailed pm with the link to my test forum where you can test the mod thoroughly yourself.

Would this be easy to modify to allow all people to READ the forums, but not allow those without the proper gender to POST?
Yes, it can be modified. However atm due to my very busy scedule I am not planning to change it. Maybe in the near future.

P.s. If you will have additional questions, please post them at the mod thread at my forum:


As I support all my mods there.