XF 1.2 Gender Fields in registration - I need more for the community.

Hi, we are doing one community, where not only male and female people are welcome. Also transgender are there.

So i need to have more gender fields while the registrate.

In my smal brain i have the idea, just to put more fields in the template, put some phrases in and ready.

                <li><label for="ctrl_gender_male"><input type="radio" name="gender" value="male" id="ctrl_gender_male" {xen:checked "{$fields.gender} == 'male'"} /> {xen:phrase male}</label></li>
Here ist the part, where the gender comes in registration. Is it possible, only to put some more radiobuttons there, with own phrases an own names ? Will they be written in the database ?

If this question is stupid or gives you a laugh, it´s no problem. I´m not a coder, just a user with the ability to follow instructions :)


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Knowing some transgender people, I don't think they would put down "transgender" as their gender (transgender isn't a gender anyway). They would identify as one of the standard binaries (male/female) or as gender neutral, which would be "not specified" which is already an option in Xenforo.
I don't think they would put down "transgender" as their gender (transgender isn't a gender anyway).
Nope, not in our community. :) The question, why there is no more then male/female came from transgenders :)

So we should remove the normal gender fields and use the custom fields add-on to realise there issues. :)

Thanks for help.
I'm having a similar issue on our site. Our efforts revolve around well- researched definitions of gender variation and include as many as 10 different selections for gender on our profiles (including "other" and "unspecified"). The definitions that we "agreed" on initially ( available here http://genderedidentity.org/glossary/ ) come from the relevant recent research and academic literature as well as other sources.

We have tried to implement the radio button alternate selections piece by piece but each time we fix one problem it's on to the next. Whereas our user registration allows for alternative genders, we're having issues in properly displaying them in profiles. Also, we're still working to modify our Admin CP to handle the changes.

Having gender as a text entry isn't really a very good alternative for a site which is all about the subject.

We're looking for a php programmer (potentially PAID) to help us make this modification and to issue it as an add-on. Please start a private conversation with me if you are interested.