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Gender as a Text Field 1.1.2

Replaces XenForo's gendered radio buttons with a plain text field.

  1. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member

    Iversia submitted a new resource:

    Gender as a Text Field - Replaces XenForo's gendered radio buttons with a plain text field.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. xf_phantom

    xf_phantom Well-Known Member

    thx for this:)

    Would be nice if you could include this into the user criteria too (or remove the gender option, because it won't work anymore)
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  3. Frankenfurter

    Frankenfurter Member

    I put the files in the correct places library -> Iversia -> GenderTextField and have been getting the following message:
    Is there something I am missing? Thanks.
  4. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member

    If you created the folders manually, it should actually be "library -> Iversia -> GenderTextfield" (without the "f" in field capitalized).
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  5. Frankenfurter

    Frankenfurter Member

    Thank you!

    @Iversia, it works; however, when the user field is selected to be displayed, it shows either "male" or "female" when looking at member's messages (but when you go to their profile page, their other choice shows). Is there a way to fix this?
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2013
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  6. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member

    Iversia updated Gender as a Text Field with a new update entry:

    Some small additions.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member

  8. Glockie

    Glockie Well-Known Member

    It's a shame that this will break the search function for gender, as that is very specific for my needs...
    Otherwise I would have snapped it up.

    I'll still watch it in case some of it changes which doesn't affect the search.
    If that makes sense anyway.... :p
  9. dopy

    dopy Member

    Is this plugin still working as it should? Whenever someone tries to change their gender it says they can't and they need to ask an admin...
  10. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member

  11. Glockie

    Glockie Well-Known Member

    I have a question @Iversia
    Custom user fields... If I have TV/TS M or F as sex/gender, will this addon bork those?

    I am having issues trying to get gender and sex filters working.. A lot seems to be the default gender giving me grief.
    Thank you
  12. Iversia

    Iversia Well-Known Member


    Do you mean just using Xenforo's custom user fields? No, this add-on should not interfere with those. The only add-ons that it can really mess up are the ones that use XenForo's default gender field.
  13. Glockie

    Glockie Well-Known Member

    Okay fantastic. Good to know, thanks for the info.
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  14. Kegan Hollern

    Kegan Hollern New Member

    What is the purpose of this? I don't understand
  15. James

    James Well-Known Member

    So people can define themselves as more than just "male" or "female".
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