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Gametracker SSL Proxy

Gametracker SSL Proxy 2.0

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Hello overdose,

your link works on my site. Could you try to paste this code on your site and tell me if it works?

<a href="http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ts3.agorapolis-altislife.fr:9987/" target="_blank"><img src="gtproxy/?url=aHR0cDovL2NhY2hlLnd3dy5nYW1ldHJhY2tlci5jb20vc2VydmVyX2luZm8vdHMzLmFnb3JhcG9saXMtYWx0aXNsaWZlLmZyOjk5ODcvYl8xNjBfNDAwXzFfZmZmZmZmX2M1YzVjNV9mZmZmZmZfMDAwMDAwXzBfMV8wLnBuZw==" /></a>
I just tested.
The problem is the same :(

Okay, I attached a modified index.php, could you upload it to your gtproxy directory and overwrite the existing one? Then check if you are still getting the errors.


Hmm, two possibilities:

1. You uploaded the gtproxy folder to the wrong directory. It should be in the root directory and not in library/ or elsewhere.
2. Your server is missing a PHP extension. Usually, cURL should be installed in order to get this working. You can upload the attached phpinfo file to your root directory and call it. If you are unsure, just upload it and send me the link to the file via conversation and I'll have a look :)



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@TRGCommunity it can be used to include http iframe in https xenforo pages?
I need to have some pages with content from an http source but they are not working anymore since I switched to https.


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The problem with doing it this method is you lose the "real time status" of your server. GameTracker updates the status every 5 minutes or so. Images cached in xenforo don't auto refresh fast enough. I got around this via a complicated method, basically i cache the files on my own server and through a series of crons, the images get updated every 5 minutes.


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It seems like Gametracker is finally supporting SSL, I switched all my Gametracker links to HTTPS and everything works fine. This resource might be useless now.
Oh wow, you're right! For the longest time they were using a self signed SSL cert which didn't work properly because browsers wouldn't display them (without user implicitly allowing them).