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Gamertwo Notification v1

Gamer 2 Notification card,

  1. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

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  2. MOZ

    MOZ Well-Known Member

  3. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Updated: I edited the resource release with some additional css so the card displays correctly with and without avatars. I also checked all the locations and they seem to display correctly.

    the updated css I added in case you downloaded before I inserted the css in the release thread.

    .gamertwo .gritter-without-image {
        width: 240px;
        padding-left: 30px;
        padding-top: 50px;
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  4. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    Ooooh, I like that one. Might have to pick up a license now for a certain bacon loving forum to use it with. :D
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  5. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of designs in mind if you purchase this one for baconforum. :D Seriously you don't want to ask what those designs are :LOL:
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  6. Sylar

    Sylar Well-Known Member

    Damn, really nice! Going to have to buy this sooner rather than later! :p
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  7. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    Done. :D Just picked up two licenses, one for Bacon Forum and a 2nd to test with. The one at baconforum.com is installed using the defaults.
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  8. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Thank you for your purchases! :D
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