Add-on Game Server Integration


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No can do. Got a ton of custom implementations.
I'm in the same boat :p

XF2 just doesn't have any features that are worth updating to at this time when your forum has a LOT of custom code and addons built for XF 1.x


Alright I'm thinking of coding up a few addons.
  • Game server integration as the base that allows you to add game servers, provides a list of all game servers available, including widgets and statistics. Also would provide encryption for rcon passwords since many addons don't do that currently (I think).
  • SourceBans integration with game servers, that allows XenForo to be used instead of the default SourceBans panel.
  • GameMe integration that displays statistics for each user in relation to their account. Will use Steam Auth as a reference.
Would anyone want something like this?
any news on this?