Game Of Thrones - On Tonights Episode 9 Do not click If you havent seen it


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Wow is all i can say, I'm so freaking pissed right now:mad: , i mean wtf how can they kill off one of our fav characters who was going to reign down some justice on the seven kingdoms, man,/ rant is over what are your thoughts on tonight's episode?

p.s. please no future spoilers for those of you who have already read the books, thanks :)


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I hope you are not reading the book because you will be really sad with the next chapter.

Either way, you will have some fun with the next episode.

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I know someone dies, that's why I come in here because no one cal spoil that. I've pulled an all nighter, its 6:40 AM and I'm tempted to just play Game of Thrones and see what I missed last night.


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A couple of people die. One very brutally at the end. Overall though the episode was kind of a disappointment to me. We'll see where it goes in the Season finale though. Was a shocker for me to be sure.


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This is just too funny.


Some favorites:

Game of Thrones: a show for those who can't deal with the sunny optimism of The Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones will really surprise people next year when in the ninth episodes they kill off actual viewers.

An hour later, still pretty sure I've been in car accidents less dramatic than [SIZE=+0]#GameOfThrones[/SIZE].

tonight's episode of [SIZE=+0]#gameofthrones[/SIZE] was a barrel of laughs and by that i mean i wish i was dead

I need a hug. I have never been so traumatized by a television show.

Game of Thrones just made me cry. I'm pretty sure a little part of me just died..I can't comprehend what I just saw. I feel sick.

And this was genius:

A plane on route to the San Francisco International Airport tonight had to make an emergency landing when passengers watching pirated versions of the HBO series Game of Thrones began hyperventilating, screaming hysterically, and violently damaging their tray tables. The situation turned more volatile when an airline stewardess unintentionally spoiled the ending of the episode for the captain, after which he stormed out of the cockpit shouting obscenities, forcing his co-pilot to land the plane on his own.
“I’ve never seen something like this before,” said one passenger on the flight. She was sitting next to one of the victims. “One minute, the guy next to me is just watching a show on his laptop, then all of the sudden, he starts shouting ‘No way! No F**king way!’” According to the witness, the man then slammed his laptop shut and violently kicked the chair in front of him. “He just wouldn’t stop screaming. He wouldn’t stop shouting cuss words.”
Another witness reported a similar incident at the front of the plane. “This chick next to me just started freaking out” says Martin Lodge, 39. “She was sobbing and kept saying ‘why, why, why’. At first, I thought maybe her boyfriend had just broken up with her by email or something, but then I heard this guy at the back of the plane yell ‘no way! no f**king way!’ and I knew something was going on. But what really tripped me out was the lady behind me. She started laughing!”
That lady was Angelica George, 32, who says she would have given anything to have had a video camera. “This was one of the most hysterical things I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and I’ve read the books, so I know exactly what happened in tonight’s episode. I just couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions, especially when the captain ran into the cabin shouting “f**k you George RR Martin!”
After landing, the plane was unloaded quickly and the affected passengers and captain were rushed to a nearby emergency room where they were treated with oxygen, heat blankets, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road Ice Cream.
There is no word yet on their condition.​


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Well yeah it was kinda tragic I'd been hoping the preggie made it but they'd hyped up the loving couple so much in the previous episodes it was pretty obvious either she and her sprout, or at least one of them wouldn't.
Clearing the decks a bit because we got so many new characters.
Wonder what happened to the guy who got married?


I thought they really did justice to the book, brutal as it was. What on earth goes on in George R R Martin's head though?!

Aside from the Red Wedding, it was really great to see Grey Worm in action! He looks a little on the weedy side but is totally kick-ass in a fight (y) Arya did a great job too, she plays her exactly how I imagine her in the books.


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Apparently the Red Wedding was central to the whole GoT scene. Martin has said that it was the hardest part to write. He skipped it, wrote to the end of that book, then forced himself to return to it.
The TV guys were originally gripped by it and it was that which first triggered their interest in doing the GoT TV series.

I really regret that bursting curiosity made me search out synopses so I knew in advance this was coming. But it was when I'd watched series 2 online and it seemed I'd have to wait months and months before series 3 came available online or on DVD. So I began to read up.
Thank heavens someone kind on here told me how I could keep up with s3 right now even though I don't have TV. But I missed the sheer raw shock of the Red Wedding. Am resisting reading up what happens next!


Apparently the Red Wedding was central to the whole GoT scene. Martin has said that it was the hardest part to write. He skipped it, wrote to the end of that book, then forced himself to return to it.
The TV guys were originally gripped by it and it was that which first triggered their interest in doing the GoT TV series.

I read an interview with Martin last night where he talks about the fact that the Red Wedding was based on historical events in Scotland... (here if anyone is interested) :eek:


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What the eff? This television series is completely ridiculous! I can't believe I watched whole 3 seasons of it. Now I am left wondering if there is any story to it at all. Right from episode one they build a character and kill it, build kill, build kill....

At least I won't be waiting for another season to waste time on. :mad:

Adam Howard

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I finally watched it two days ago and as soon as the doors were closing in the background, I thought to myself something wasn't right. I kept thinking "get the f**k out of there man".

As soon as it started happening... I was like (thinking).... You've been OWNED. Wrongfully and cruelly owned.

I want something really f**ked up to happen to that dude. He needs to die a painful and slow death.
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