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This is very similar to this problem:

But something strange happened here. The cronjob "Update XenForo Media Gallery Statistics" has been running during the past days apparently just fine (I was monitoring their "Next Run" and it always kept changing which I guess means that the cronjob has been running), however the Gallery Statistics block was displaying everything with a value of 0.

Now I manually ran the "Update XenForo Media Gallery Statistics" cronjob and it said "Cron was run successfully". Now my "Gallery Statistics" blocks is displaying the (apparently) proper values.

This is strange because if the cronjob has been auomatically running I don't know why I was getting 0 values and now that I ran the cronjob manually it got fixed. It's rare.



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Please note that after I finished my migration from vB 3.8 I enabled the Gallery Statistics block and I was able to see the stats there. I used the previous version of XFMG 1.0.0 to perform the migration i.e. I migrated when the add-on was still Xen Media Gallery by Chris D. Then I disabled that Statistics block because it didn't make sense for me to display that information to my visitors.

And yesterday that I enabled the block I noticed that it was all zero, so I can't say when it started happening... just noticed this yesterday.

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The only thing that would affect the code from actually updating the statistics when the Cron is run is if the block is actually disabled when the Cron runs (either on its schedule or automatically).

If the block is disabled, the Cron will still run, but the values won't update.

If it is continuing to fail to update the statistics when the block is enabled that would be quite peculiar because the next run time changing is an indicator that things should be getting to process of running the Cron script, and as you could run it manually (presumably while the block was enabled) and it get updated, the script itself shouldn't be causing a problem.