MG 1.1 Gallery Fields


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Hi, I'm a bit confused about how the Gallery Fields work. I want the fields to show up when adding media, as this option suggests....

screenshot 2016-03-22 20-17-57.jpg

The field is selected under the Category section.
screenshot 2016-03-22 20-34-18.jpg

Yet when adding media, the field does not show up, the field will only show when the "Field is required" option is ticked or when editing the media after it has been uploaded. How do I get the field to show when adding media without it being 'required'?

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Ah. :X3:

Is there an edit I can make to have it Expanded automatically? As I just know a lot of my members are not going to see that button, it's so small and all the way on the right, lol.
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