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I search for a photo contest with this features:

  • settings for 1 to 12 winner pics (to made normal contests and such for an calender eg)
  • settings to set a upload end-date
  • settings to set a voting start-date
  • settings to set a voting end-date
  • instead of thumbs up/down a 5 to 10 stars rating/voting
  • contest gallery view
  • contest winner pics gallery view after voting
  • view uploaders username first after the contest ends (after voting end-date)

Is there any at the add-on market or an developer to made such a contest with a new or extended existing add-on?

Actualy I run a combo with bd-API and Wordpress+Contest Plugin - but thats a complicate combination and horrible in support and service (updates).

Nicolas FR

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Maybe this one...


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Its the same as just one post above my post. ;-) I see it - but it doesn't have all the searched features. I can only ask Clements (@XFA) for a add-on extension...


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Its also a good add-on Andy, but I also miss functions like a 5 or 10-star voting to reduce the problem with to many pictures with the same voting results. Members often dont understand why a other member one wins with the same like result and he/she doesnt. 10 stars brings in most cases more different results.