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Fusion // xenfocus.com [Paid] 1.4.x

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Ehren submitted a new resource:

Fusion // xenfocus.com - A modern skin which includes a background picker and "transparent" title bars.

Fusion is a chameleon-type skin which applies a single background image throughout the entire forum, and is even visible through transparent category headers. A background picker (which can be disabled if needed) allows your visitors to choose their own background image from a predefined selection. Their background selection is saved as a cookie which means their image will be shown to them automatically every time they visit your forum.

The skin is compatible with all major, modern browsers...
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Purchased, but having some difficulty figuring out how/where to set the background images, and how users can select them?

Ignore me. I'm a derp. I fixed it.
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See i see a fee features from all of your styles that i would love to be in one style before i purchase it. Who can i speak to about this.