Full body scanner @ Airports

steven s

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I think this goes down as worthless as using plastic wrap and duct tape to protect our homes from biological weapons or for those old enough to remember, ducking under our desks to protect us from a nuclear bomb. It's a way from government to show, they are doing something.


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When we let fear bring us to measures like these, the terrorists have already won. Oh well...not my problem. I've had reoccurring nightmares for the past 6 years of planes crashing and/or exploding, so I won't be getting on a plane any time soon :D


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US... no other place like it. :D

Other than that, kudos to the guy for being able to handle the situation better than the officials there. I'd like to follow the story somewhere else if something did happen.


I rather have a stranger with gloves touch my junk and humiliate me publicly than have non-certified non-doctors operate and calibrate these machines and expose me to unknown amounts of harmful radiation and invade my privacy on top of that even further with lies about not storing these images, etc.

No thanks, I opt-out and ask for the metal detector, and if despite their documentation they claim that's not possible then a ball sack rubbing experience is just how it has to be I guess. However, there are states where you tell a non police officer (which TSA is, they are nothing) that if they touch you in certain places against your will that you will report them to the police and they will actually get arrested. Just something for them to keep in mind while gently testing if I am hiding a bomb up my scrotum somewhere.

I remember the days where you were out of the plane thinking: Wfew, I didn't crash!
And now the days simply are: I am on the plane, wfew!

No, I won't be flying for a while, that's for sure. I see it as I have nothing to hide, so you have no reason to look for anything that ends up with me being humiliated and touched, or radiated ending up with cancer. I am just going from a to b.


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One of my members came up with a pretty good alternative inside a thread on one of my forums on this very subject. I personally think its brilliant!!! ;)
Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners at the airports:

All we need to do is develop a booth that you can step into that will NOT X-ray you, but WILL detonate any explosive device you may have hidden on or in your body The explosion will be contained within the sealed booth. This would be a win-win for everyone. There would be none of this crap about racial profiling and the device would eliminate long and expensive trials. This is so simple that it's brilliant.

I can see it now: you're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system, "Attention standby passengers, we now have a seat available on flight number..."


The FFA mentioned that reports show that certain scanners throw enough radiation that actually seems to penetrate skin cells and that pregnant women and children should be offered to opt-out and go for pat down.

No warning signs are in front of the machines though .. but I can imagine why these horrible TSA people are looking forward touching woman and children, or at least seeing them naked in the body scan machine.

The news articles about a kid going through it and it beeped, so the dad basically took the kids shirt off for a screening and the kid feeling super uncomfortable or just young children getting groped by strangers *everywhere* is just so uncalled for. Or the TSA agents that abuse their power and are just shouting at people, or ruining their time to make sure they miss their flight and have to pay a fine or repay the ticket, if they talk back to the TSA with what usually is just a normal question. Or the never getting old jokes 'TSA fake cocaine plant bust', etc.

Being a TSA agent (agent! haha) must be the worst job in the world right now.

Does the TSA know that they can just bypass all the scanners and basically walk around freely in secure areas and that terrorists can easily become a TSA agent?

Does the TSA know that they get paid so much money because they're just around and about those radiation killing machines all day for years and aren't allowed to wear those radiation detection beeping devices like those miners and doctors?

And I find the excuses they're using horrible "its not about you being a terrorist, but its about knowing the other passengers are being screened as well" <- oh ok, that helps a person feel less humiliated in public or radiated ok I guess.

I fully support those airfields that say 'no tsa here - we care about happy customers'.

These government people and ex military guys that invent and make, sell these machines have one objective: Make money. Your health or that of your child, or the pedo tsa guys groping everybody is little of their concerns. Getting this in every airport, using the fear tactic, and in the future surely every high speed train, etc is how they make their money.

85 billion flights, and no terrorist caught with this machine.

I will risk the terrorist attack, thanks.



One of my members came up with a pretty good alternative inside a thread on one of my forums on this very subject. I personally think its brilliant!!! ;)
Yeah, explode that dangerous toothpaste and that underwear, and everybody wearing shoes ..

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Irish Airport Security:

"Are ye a terrorist"
"On ye go then"

"Are ye a terrorist"
"On ye go then"

"Are ye a terrorist"
"N...well, yea I suppose a little"
"Are ye plannin to blow up the plane"
"On ye go"


In India they tried this, and the ppl weren't slaves of their police state country and simply refused it. There are no body scanners in India now.

In the USA every airport basically has one now.

Slave, take off your shoes
Slave, take out everything in your bag
Slave, take off your coat or jacket
Slave, take out your laptop
Slave, step in this xray machine and get cancer
Slave, let a stranger touch your children
Slave, don't wear clothes that provoke terrorism
Slave, don't talk back or you go for additional screening
Slave, don't talk down on us or resist, or you get fined up to $11,000
Slave, sit in the plane and don't talk or make sudden movements
Slave, don't take clippers with you, or toothpaste, or anything that you can buy in our tax-free shop

And if you post like Floris on this forum you will magically end up on a no fly list because these untrained "professionals" are as corrupt as the politicians they work for.

At which point do Americans actually stand up for their rights and dignity?

Oh well, I am probably just overreacting, if you overreact floris, the terrorists win!

I prefer to not get cancer, I prefer to not get groped inappropriately and I prefer to just travel from A to B without this circus and being treated like a terrorist.

All this nonsense over religious believes that lead to people who say that they should love each other just hurting each other, while being powered by political motives and obviously money and power.

I can do without.


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I can tell you for sure that you do not see what goes on behind the scenes. You never hear about the stuff TSA finds and stops. for example, the dry runs they have foiled, the real runs they have foiled, the hidden weapons they prevented from getting on board, the IED's they have found, the guns, the drugs, wanted criminals (although that is not part of their job description), and let's not forget what other agencies within DHS have stopped and found.

The people shouting the loudest are the ones who have no clue. I would like to challenge anyone who says our security is bad to fly into and out of any Israeli airport (there are hundreds more airports with tougher security, but Israeli airports are some of the most strict). Our security is pretty lax when compared to other countries airports. Everyone is speculating about the full body scanners and the new pat down procedures (which are not really new, just adjusted) because they do not know what is going on. This is partly DHS's fault since they refuse to share information to help ease the flying public's worries. The full body scanners have been in use for a little over a year. It is only now they are getting attention. I can tell you that the operator cannot see who you are and are nowhere near the F.B.S. when it is active. In fact, the machine is turned off with every passenger and a few minutes is allowed to pass before another is allowed to enter. The operator radios the TSA Officer standing at the F.B.S. and lets them know if you are clear of what area needs to be screened. The image the F.B.S. operator can see barely has a human shape. The image is generic and if your genitals were viewable (which they are not) those area's are further "blurred" to prevent ANY chance of the operator seeing your "junk". The only argument would be the exposure to radiation from the machine. Which, I understand and if you flew a lot, I would opt out of using the machine.

As for the full body pat down, Do you really think TSA wants to touch you? Seems as though the news and everyone else that is trying to get on the TSA attack bandwagon make it seem like TSO's (Transportation Security Officers) want to touch you. Sorry, but you are not that special. In fact, you may only get patted down once, maybe twice by a TSO. The TSO has to endure a full day, five days a week of "touching" other people. I can tell you for sure you have the easy part. The reason why these new procedures have been implemented is because of the penis bomber and other various dry/real runs that TSA has found. Since the new procedures have been implemented, TSA has stopped thousands of individuals trying to smuggle drugs, weapons, IED components, and other various weapons into the airport, none of which you will never hear about.

Most of you will read this and keep on ranting on how much TSA sucks, or how they are a fake security agency, blah blah blah, but I can tell you for sure if TSA were to relax some of their security procedures or if the airports were to go private, it is a certain fact another attack will occur (Even TSA cannot stop everything). Unless you work for a DHS agency such as TSA, you would not have any idea what really goes on behind the scenes. You are fed stories from news agencies who will pick up the first person to scream TSA raped them or sexually assaulted them or something else against TSA. Most of the stories are false and only made from people who want their 15 minutes of fame.


As for the kid(s) being patted down, that is also false. NO KID who looks to be under a certain age (think almost teen) will NOT be patted down. If you have seen videos that look to be otherwise, you are not seeing the entire process. A couple of the videos circulating are of parents who thought their kid needed to be patted down and started to take their kids clothes off. These parents were purposely doing this to try and get a reaction from the public, via the media which, of course, they did.



You say all that, and then I see people with private jets take off without going through scanners or pat downs.

I guess terrorists are too poor to fly private jets between airfields, or into towers.


And yeah, we must be ignorant and not know what's going on.


Another urine terrorist caught! Good job tsa.

And besides the above being news articles, my scanners=secure? worries come from here: