Front end breadcrumbs

Delete front end navbar ?

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I don't use any of the navbars, top or bottom, in any part of the site; but I'm weird. Although, there's no reason to remove any of them, I know they are used and when sites have a lot of forums, one at the bottom is useful

Anthony Parsons

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Isn't that more the breadcrumb you are referring to? The navbar is up the top with dropdowns. I'm sure you could drop out the breadcrumb with a simple deletion on a per design basis. I think we have to remember this is the base product design, not the design upon sites uniquely.


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I find the breadcrumb bar at the bottom useful. You read the thread, post something new, and then you already have your navigation in place (breadcrumbs include quick nav on the right).


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Removing it is a very simple template edit, should you want to do so. It will be there by default though, as it was a frequently requested feature.