Friendship Theme

Hi guys i am about to convert over from a promotion forum to a friendship and general chat forum,I would love for some one to be able to design me an eye catching welcoming style.I like blue and red,Dont like dark colours or two much white.On my old general chat forum i use to use forumo2 which was a sultan theme and i loved it.I was just wondering if anyone can design some thing like this and how much?Does not have to be identical of course.This is vb4 theme.Below is the style i would like some thing like.Thank you in advance guys

I am using dfx theme but i would like some to customize it for me with a new back ground and a new banner as i want to be a little different from all the other forums using the same theme.I would like some thing to represent friendship and fun place to be whether you are 13 or 60 etc etc