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Friendly URL question...


Well-known member
How do i get forums included in front of urls?

I want urls like this:-


but I have threads like this:-





XenForo moderator
Staff member
The first forums part of the URL is the installation directory.
Here for example it is community/threads/friendly-url-question.29485/

The second forums part of the URL is when viewing an actual forum.
For example: community/forums/xenforo-questions-and-support.25/

So if the installation directory was forums instead of community, forums would appear like so:


Well-known member
ack... ok.

I guess what I want is to include parent routes in the URL.

Ie. a thread belongs to a forum. I'm installed at the root so I cant do that and I wouldnt want forums/forums in the url anyway.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The route defines the content type so /forums/threads/thread-title.1 wouldn't really make much sense.

I presume you mean you want a thread to belong to a specific forum?
In which case you want the URL to be something like this?


You would need an add-on to do that.


Well-known member
Ok, not a problem, its no huge deal just thought I would ask. your suggestion (needing an add-on) would be an improvement.