XF 1.4 Friendly URL issue

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to get my Friendly URLs to work. I have had no luck so far. I have the ".htaccess" file as well as the htaccess.txt file on the server (by default).

I enabled the option for friendly URLs, after that I get an error when trying to access any forums on the site.

I do not know about the mod_rewrite installation. How can I enable the mod_rewrite function on my linux box (sever)?

Is there any info I need about rules as well?

Many thanks in advance.
Thank you Brogan, I did find that link when doing some research as well. I will give that I try.

Those rules listed in the solution is accurate as well?


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You need to use the XenForo .htaccess file.
Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess, if one doesn't already exist.


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If the .htaccess file contents are correct then you need to look at the server configuration posted previously.