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Friend Inviter on the Sidebar 1.2.1

No permission to download


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I'd be interested in this, but I'm not signing up to a external site just to download it, I could understand if it was a paid add on, but its free so why not host the file here

Brandon Sheley

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Why do you have the links for the required mods, going through your site first...

the links are from xf.. no reason to send them through your site first...

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Package calls images, however images aren't included in the package, therefore they don't display...
Why would they be included? The images are from my Friend Inviter add-on. This add-on doesn't work unless you have Friend Inviter installed.
This is just a facilitating add-on for the Friend Inviter by Chris...Please read the pre-requisites stated in my description.

Yes, I have purchased this from Chris and installed it. (not yet configured)

But when I install yours, the right side shows fine, but it is not in one line. It breaks into two lines. Go to AsiaWays dot com for example.

I wanted to know where I can go to modify the file of YOUR add-on of the side bar, so I can either remove one or modify the image width/height.



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Hi @Gopala Subramanium any idea why the friend inviter sidebar still exist even after uninstalling the addon? I rebuild cache for few times, I have two themes, one has gone but one still showing the friend inviter at the sidebar. I am using xf1.1.5.

This issue is no longer exist, as I forgot to revert the modification (that I made due to the incorrect link for non-seo links) under TMS before I uninstalled it.