XF 2.0 Fresh install of XF2 and import db and files from XF1?

At the moment I have two VPS servers:
1st - live with xenForo 1 forum
2nd - new VPS which will become live when I prepare it (then will shut down 1st server).

I am not sure how to do upgrade to xenforo2:
Option 1 (prefered):
Do fresh install of xenForo 2 on my 2nd VPS, then import database (via admin tool) from the first server and copy folders with avatars and files.

Option 2:
Copy whole folder and database from 1st VPS and then do classic "upgrade".

I prefere option 1 but I am not sure if this is good way to go and is it even possible to do it like that? Is it possible to just copy folder with avatars and files to xenforo2 and expect it to work (is folder structure the same? )

Sorry if this is stupid question, but I don't have time to experiment myself as I will soon have to shut down first server and I need to make transition as fast as possible.
Thank you brogan ;)

I have one more problem/question so would like to ask you heir

I did regular server move, but on new server I get this error
Fatal error: Cannot 'break' 2 levels in /home/admin/web/*********/public_html/library/WidgetFramework/Helper/Index.php on line 90
Important to know is that old server is PHP5.4 and new one (one that produce error) is PHP7.

I manage to fix this by deleting number "2" after "break" from /library/WidgetFramework/Helper/Index.php and everything works fine, but I am not sure if it is OK to do it or there is better/correct way to fix this problem.