Fresh Air?


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When I drive to McDonalds or Whataburger to use torrents cause I don't want to get caught doing it at home because if I do my crappy ISP will throttle my download speeds.


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Be careful or I'll go all Green Acres on you! LOL
Thanks...I just now had a Nick-at-Nite Flashback and all I can say is you may have park avenue..I'm going back to farm livin. :sneaky:
Waaaay to many. :(

I usually try to go ride a few times during the week, plus I'm outside most of the weekend.
NEVER too many hours ...get your mind out the whoops :)
That is what I would say I have averaged over the past 2 years as I would have to guess (I don't keep track of time ...until recently...I guess I should get to that...) In the past 6 months to about 2 months ago I have averaged about 16 hours daily.

I have to say Jake I respect you greatly but I must call you out on this...unless you have a bot checking in on your would seem to be here for more than 10 hours alone:p