Freelancer required for Customisation


I'm using xenforo forum and I found its look and feel too robotic... i.e. just like another forum... nothing special...

I intent to customize the forum and add some new functionalities to my forum. Looking for a freelancer who cna help me with changing the design of xenforo forum and adding some new features to it.
Hi @Aayush

I intent to redesign this robotic feel of the Home Page of Xenforo Forum and add some new features which would increase the overall user experience.

These are some of the features which I require

1. Direct Forum Postings: Currently posting can be done only when the user goes to the specified category and not from home page. I want posting directly from the home with a drop-down option for the category to which it is to be posted

2. Jobs Section for posting Jobs: Fields like Company Name, Profile, Package etc. Couldn't find any plugin option for the same.

3. Opinion Poll (separate from Threads)

4. Popular Post Sections

5. Home Page Redesign


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3. Use the widget framework which features a block that can pull a poll from a thread and display at an alternative location -


5. You could get someone like @Russ to do this.... Or even @Sheldon over at

Just a few things that come to mind for each of those things you need. There may be better ones, but might be a start for you.