Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing Forum - moved from vB to xF

We've just finalised moving across our forums from vB to xF -

We are a popular website and forum dedicated to Freediving (hold your breath), Scuba Diving (with a tank) and Spearfishing (with a speargun) diving and have had a forum since 1999.

Originally on Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) in 1999 we moved to vBulletin 2 in 2000 and have been on every version of vB to 3.8.7 where we stayed because we didn't like what we saw in vB4 and vB5.

We bit the bullet and moved this week to xF 1.2.2 as part of a wider re-design of the site with our theme ported over by the talented @Russ to match the style on the editorial part of the site (powered by Wordpress).

Overall migration went smoothly and most users seem happy!

Total Members: 33,743
Total Threads: 41,002
Total Posts: 442,107

Looking forward to a long, happy community with xF!


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Hey Stephan, it was a pleasure working with you, and am really proud of the outcome. I always like to match XF styles to their respective home page, really glad to have you guys have moved to XenForo now. Best of luck :)
@Digital Doctor - we're testing that navigation bar to see which approach works better - leaving it as that for now.

No login integration at the moment as users on the homepage/editorial side don't login to the site, although am thinking of using a bridge so paid subscribers to the forums get some benefits on the main site too. One thing i'm struggling with is getting a good wordpress widget or code to display latest xF threads on the homepage/editorial side - seen this one but it's styling is not great