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Free sprite sheet maker for Windows?


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I've managed to find a new smiley pack with 200+ smilies and I don't fancy adding them to a sheet manually.

Does anyone know of a free Windows application that I can drop the smiley files on to and have it make a sheet for me?

Shaun :D


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I've also found that if I have Fireworks open whilst adding smilies, I can select it in the sprite sheet in FF and the selection coordinates roughly correspond to the sprite sheet location for the smiley - within a few pixels.

Might make it easier to manage if you're adding a large number of smilies ... (y)


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Oh, and I quite like the fact that you can trim the borders of the smiley when adding them from the sprite sheet - take off extra whitespace. (y)


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Nice information i am getting ready to update my board and this sprite thing is whole new for me was just wondering where to start from lol .


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I started doing it in Photoshop, one by one, and then thought ... there must be a quicker and easier way to do this?

It's a cracking little app - and great value considering it costs nothing!! (y)