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Add-on Free offer of my vB4 AddOns to xF developers


As the title says, I'm offering for free the code and copyright of my vBulletin4 AddOns, according to follow terms:
  1. I Don't ask for any money. A Donation should be welcome but not obligue.
  2. I Don't ask any credit in files.
  3. The only that I ask is a database compatibility (or at least an importer), so users of vBulletin can move their data easily from vB to xF.
  4. I prefer to give one AddOn per developer.
Some of my latest updated AddOns:
  • eCommerce
  • Media Gallery
  • Rate My Photo
  • Memberlist
  • xxxMates Adult Dating
  • there are also some others not updated for vB422 like microSUPPORT, Auctions, Classifieds, Reviews, General Dating, Contact Us, Donations, Mailinglist manager, Newsletter (Forum activity) and maybe more.
  • And for those who are familiar with vB3 coding, I can give 3 of my really flagship addons (A small fee may apply for these, as they're really big addons. eg vbClubs has 90+ tables and around 80 php files):
    • microTRAVEL
    • vbClubs
    • vbEngine
Thank you @Sunka

Didn't understood who are you but most probably you're someone from TAZ :)
It's up to the developers here to convert or not them to xF.
From my side I did the maximum possible by not asking even a simple credit line in the files.