[Free] LAMP Configuration


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I'm a MySQL DBA and mid-ish level System Administrator (both by profession and hobby!).

Is your forum sluggish? Not meeting your expectations for performance?

Look no further!

I act as the DBA for Bukkit.org - the most popular minecraft server wrapper out there! - and helped with the initial configuration of Apache before they had to bounce over to Nginx. I am well-respected within the community and a large number of people come to me for help with configuring MySQL for optimal performance.

(If you happen to be a resident of #Bukkit on esper.net, you'll know me as GoMySQL! Hi!)

Here's what we will discuss via PM in general:

Total CPU Cores (If Dedicated)
Total System Memory
Disk Configuration (RAID0? RAID1? etc)
Expected traffic load / current statistics (if you've pretty much leveled off)

This will help me determine the optimal configuration for your setup. This includes converting tables to InnoDB if a benefit would be gained (and if they aren't already). I'll also assist in upgrading from earlier revisions of MySQL to 5.1, 5.5 or even the Percona release (which I highly recommend).

Additionally, we (me and you!) will examine the apache configuration and see if there is anything we can do to help on that front. We'll also get an Opcode cache installed if there isn't one already.

I am distribution agnostic as Linux goes. I've worked with them all.

We will also examine your base Linux setup. Disabling atime and diratime in /etc/fstab is a huge thing here! On high traffic sites it can reduce IO load by as much as 20%!

How much for all of this?
Well, it'll cost you the grand total of Free-Hundred Freety Free Dollars and Freety Free cents.

Seriously. A thank you is sufficient. You're welcome to throw coin my way, but the thank you is awesome as well!


What? There's more!?

Yes! We'll discuss proper backup solutions and even using replication as a backup aid if your forum is large or if you want some live redundancy!


oh, i wish you posted this some years ago (this would have saved me some money and time:( )
Nice to know there's somebody:)