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Fractal Audio makes the world's best premp and effects processor. Primarially aimed at guitarist, but loved and used by bass, keyboard, cello and even hurdy gurdy players the world over.

We went to Xenforo maybe 6-7 years ago from vBulletin. The 1.x Xenforo was simpler than our vBulletin stack and just so much faster.

I did the 1.5 --> 2.1 upgrade this weekend. I had staged the upgrade in a VM to make sure I knew were the sharp edges were ahead of time and was surprised at how not hard it was. I really appreciated the addition of the cmd.php file -- being able to run upgrades from a tmux session on the server meant I no babysitting to keep things alive and I could run it late at night, still get some sleep.

Very happy with the forced reset of our styles and add-ons too. We had gone too far towards trying to make Xenforo look like vB when we first converted all that time ago and maintaining that spaghetti code styling was a chore. Working with the latest default style has been very nice. It's only taken a few tweaks to get things looking comfortable but still fresh. Minimal user complaints thus far which was not the case when we went vB --> Xenforo.

Performance seems to have jumped up quite a bit with the 1.5 --> 2.1 migration. We did a bunch of upgrades to the stack (PHP 7.1, MariaDB 10.3, Apache2, etc.) along with the forum software upgrade so it's hard to say conclusively that it's due to the Xenforo version updates, but I'm sure it's contributing to the overall snappiness. Even users are noticing.

Help in this forum is always top notch and super quick.

Very happy we left vBulletin behind oh so many years ago.
Welcome to 2.1. Have your members embraced the PUSH alerts?
I haven’t enabled them yet. Oddly, musicians are a conservative bunch. Even ones pushing the envelope with modeling tech. I’ll let them acclimate to the responsive UI. Push them to 2FA. And then I’ll tell them about push notifications!

@Manster54 enabled push notifications this weekend. Minor freakout from the community as they thought the software was "nagging" them too often to enable it. ¯\(ツ)
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I like your simple design you have on the forum which is what I think I will do for my forum a simpler design.
It's vB Style with some very minor tweaks. I have border radius set to 1px, 2px and 3px for small, medium and large. And I added a space between pinned and unpinned posts. Colors are set to match the manufacturers palette.
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