ForumMotion to Xenforo


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You will need to go via a third party importer or software.

There is no direct import path to XenForo.

Chris D

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The kind of route you might need to take is as Brogan says, via another importer/software.

This isn't necessarily THE solution, but it appears as though there is a free importer from ForumMotion to PHP BB:

(Ignore the thread date, the last update of the add-on was Nov 2013)

You could import from that to PHP BB and then from PHP BB to XenForo.

Note that some data is lost during the import. Whether there's a similar importer out there for other software that doesn't lose as much data, I don't know. But it's a good starting point. Look at the software you can import into XenForo and then see if there is an importer from Forum Motion to those.