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Formerly BradsFX
Name of Site: Forum Hour
Site URL: http://forumhour.com
Site Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum
Category: Webmaster
Description: A great place for anything, webmaster discussion, promotion or just a place to chill out! We offer great services for your forum, if you just want to chill out we have a section for that and webmaster discussion is awaiting for you aswell!


Formerly BradsFX

Recently Forum Hour has had some hard work done to it, some of the new features include,
  • FH Currency Updated - FH$ amounts have been updated to use a new system. No FH$ has been reset and the current system will stack with the old system.
  • Poster of the Hour - We have now got a custom plugin to allow us to have the old Poster Of The Hour back, the plugin works same as it did before. Settings can be edited under your personal settings. Once a user has been chosen as being the Poster of the Hour they get there website and website banner display on the top of the index for that hour.
  • Site of the Month - To make sure that Forum Hour is complete from other forums, we have installed another plugin that allows Automated Site of the Month. You the user can submit your website/s then you are given one vote to choose which site you believe should become Site of the Month. Once a winner has been chosen, there website name, url, description and image are all displayed on the index for everyone to view.
  • Style Updates - We have taken time into trying to customize the premium style to make sure that we stand out from other forums and websites.
More information here.